So I thought I would give it a couple days before I posted, but I am not at all happy with my Deva cut. I don't think that it was the stylist. She was a sweetheart, and very knowledgeable about curly hair, and has wonderful reviews for the Deva cut, but I think it is just the Deva Cut that I dislike. I went in with almost one length hair, which we agreed wasn't a good thing. We also agreed to cut quite a few inches off as my hair on the ends was thin, and the top of my hair was thick. Maybe I still need to give it more time, but right now I am hating the way my hair looks. One of the things we talked about was how the back of my hair tended to sometimes look stringy, and to me it looks even stringier now.

How long will it take to grow this out?
Sorry, I said I would take pictures. My sister was supposed to come with me, but last minute couldn't, and I would have felt silly asking the stylist even though she was so, so nice. I don't want to leave a negative review, because I honestly don't think she did anything wrong, I just don't like the Deva cut.
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