Don't feel too bad. I got a hair cut from a salon that was recommended in my city and by a stylist that was recommended. She seemed to understand curly hair and she seemed to understand my curly hair. It wasn't a Deva cut but it was a curly hair cut. She did say that it may take a couple days for me to get used to the cut and to come back if I found anything wrong with it or I wasn't happy. Well, I went back after I worked with it for over a week. It took that long for them to get me back in. She says she saw what I was talking about (the uneveness on one side) but I don't think she did. She told me to kinda fluff out the underside on that side once it dries. I did it all weekend and I'm still not happy. And she didn't cut it quite as short as I had wanted in the first place either. I think I'm just going back to my usual hair dresser who always does a dry cut for me anyway, no questions asked. She always does what I want and works with me. I hate that I wasted the money on something that I'm just not happy with.
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