RacerWife7 - I really want to cry :0( Maybe it is because I am use to having pretty much all the same length hair or rather longer layers. I say she cut maybe 4 inches off. I keep praying that it is just because I got it cut that it is acting so weird. If not guess I will be growing it out again...but it is going to take forever :0(
3a/3b & fine
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Low sulphate shampoo once a week:
Elucence Moisture Benefits Shampoo

Rinse Out Conditioner - used only when needed - Elucence Moisture Benefits, & KCKT

Leave-in - used only when needed - KCKT

Co-wash- Elucence Moisture Benefits Conditioner (about 1-2 a week).

Stylers: KCKT, Eco-Styler Gel, AG:Recoil, FSG.

Styling: Raking and smoothing product throughout hair and then the Super Soaker Method without the Denman.