i've been there, as most of us curlies have - bad haircuts.
the one local deva cut i had a few years back was same -- a very sweet girl, but the haircut was terrible. it took my regular stylist 2 haircuts to get it back to normal (i was trying to squeeze in a haircut when i could not get into city, my regular stylist. mistake!!)
the deva training, such as it is, is only a few hours. as in any profession, all stylists are not the same. there are great curly stylists who do not do the deva cut, and there are terrible stylists who think they are doing the deva cut.
there is more than knowing where to cut the curl. most of us have different curl patterns/types on our heads, they have to know how to cut it so it will blend and grow in nicely.
having said all that, i would NOT go back to her. if you think you have enough hair to cut more to correct it, i'd only go to a stylist you've used successfully before.
meanwhile, use lots of styling products and accessories to let it grow enough to correct.
sorry you had this experience.
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