Cutting your hair will do nothing but change your style and will not improve your chances to grow your hair longer. It is a fact that not everyone can grow their hair to "limitless" length. Maximum length of hair is pre-determined by our genes, that means that once each individual hair reaches that length it goes dormant and eventually falls to be replaced by a new hair.

However, sometimes due to insufficient nutrition our hair can't reach all of its growth potential so I would advice that instead of cutting your hair you try to improve your nutrition by taking extra protein and including growth promoting supplements and also massaging your scalp twice daily so that improved circulation can deliver those nutrients to your follicles. It may very well be that you may have been a little short on some key nutrients for years and that prevented your hair from growing more, I've heard enough stories of people whose hair started growing faster after they embarked on a program so I think it's worth a try. If you've never taken supplements and that would be your next question, since the topic of hair growth comes up practically every week, I want to suggest that you please do some searches or look on the old pages so you can find past recommendations rather than starting another thread.
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