Oh NO! Not thermal straightening. More product and chemicals on top of this damaged mess....THAT's all I need.

What I ended up doing yesterday is a DT with Neutrogena weekly conditioner. And yes, it has a cone. I blew it out before work and it looked awesome. Lots of compliments, and it looked soft and smooth for the entire day. I have one guy friend who wanted to know what happened to my 'afro'. We have this funny thing going where I get to be a token black girl because my hair is curly. My black friends "kick me out of the group" when my hair is straight. So, overall, it was a good and funny day, and I felt good all day. No worrying about what I looked like, because I knew I looked good.

I'm gonna keep it up for a while, and only blow out my hair straight. No chemicals. I don't think my hair can take it!
Hair type 3A. Jessicurl is becoming my HG!


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