I just opened a new container. When I noticed the new packaging, I flipped the container over and wasn't surprised to see that it contained .42 ounces, instead of the usual .3. Which when it comes to super lightweight powder, that's kind of a big difference.

But that didn't put me off too much. The price hasn't changed in many years, so I suppose something had to give.

But the new container is just dumb. The old one was a very simple but functional design. It had an insert with holes it it for shaking out the powder, which was easy to use. If you wanted to, you could remove the insert and access the product directly, which came in handy when I was almost out. I used to get almost a week's worth of use out of that last bit of powder.

Now they've got this thing sealed up completely with this complex swiveling shaker lid. I tried to pull it apart and I cannot. It's messy to use, there's product suck in odd places and I'm guessing I will end up throwing out quite a bit of product stuck in the bottom of the container.

I've always toyed with trying other mineral makeups, but it always came back to "Bare Minerals works for me, why fix something that isn't broken?" Well, Bare Escentuals "fixed" their container even though it wasn't broken, and it looks like they lost me as a customer in the process.

I just realized the extra bulk from the nonsensical packaging is taking up the space where the surplus product used to be, which is particularly annoying.

Okay, time for the non-rant portion of my post. Maybe I should try Meow Cosmetics instead? Any recs for some good, comparable products?