This was a year or two ago:

a month ago, right after a haircut:

and in my signature is my more recent one, here's a link to a larger version:

I'm happy with the improvement, but I think that I want my hair shorter because it is really thick and it's curlier when it's short, but I need it past my shoulders or I can't stand it. Any suggestions? finding a stylist in calgary is hard :9
Type:2c/3a botticelli curls with 2b/c at the underlayers and some of the back, very thick and mid-back length, black w/ very few caramel highlights

I kept falling off the cg wagon but finally started properly as of July 2010
I use tresemme naturals condish, liveclean argan oil and argan oil leave-in condish and curl keeper!

Canadian-raised Filipino!

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