Just tried to tangle teezer on my hair in the shower about a half hour ago, my hair was saturated with water and conditioner. I love this thing! It took me literally 15 minutes to detangle (when it normally takes me about a half hour to 45 minutes). When I first ran the brush through I had to look down at my hair to make sure I hadn't missed it. LOL
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I just got mine from Amazon...ALL the local Sally's are SOLD OUT...and used it for the first time an hour ago. I LOVE IT!! Much better than the Denman & the Ouidad Double Detangler. My hair's very soft 4a with some b parts
and the TT just went thru it with no problem at all ! As for pulling out hair, I lost very little. When I cleaned the TT out I only had enough hair in it to cover a nickel.. a quarter at most & my hair is thick & 4-6" long all over. My bro came in & I showed it to him & he tried it on his dry 4a/b chin beard & moustache. It went thru like nothing ; way better than his present brushes.Now he wants a TT for himself !
The only negative is that it seems to destroy my curl pattern & cause my hair to look like a cotton ball. I'm currently wearing protective 2 strand flat twists so I didn't put in any curl defining products. When I start wearing my 'fro out I may not use the TT but just go straight for the Kinky Curly. Have any of you used a TT,gotten cotton ball hair & then used a curl definer & gotten nice curls?
Hair type 4 "mystery"
Fine,soft hair with little penspring curls of different sizes. Small patch of wavy hair at center of my nape. Did BC in 2009 after 28yrs of curly perms.
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