I arrived at the library before it opened this afternoon, and here's what I overheard in the small crowd with which I waited:

"I loved it when Draco said he could kill Harry but he wouldn't. Dumbledore is so nice. I mean, I love number four, but I'll die if number six isn't there. I love Draco. OMG, it's cold! When are they going to open?"

"Mommy, what time is it? Why are we standing here?"

"Some places, like banks, let you stand there, even when they see you waiting. It's no way to do business."

"Your boots are on backwards."

"Is this the line?"

"Do you folks know where they're selling the maple syrup?"

"Mommy, I want a watch."

"I love Draco. No, I mean, Harry. I love Harry. But I like Draco. I do. I don't care."