My hair is naturally thick and curly but due to relaxers and flat ironing, it's not the way it used to be. My hair gets curly every time it gets wet, but in some spots (usually the middle/crown area) its just frizz. The hair at the back of my head always gets extra curly in tight corkscrew curls, while the bulk of my hair is basically loose ringlets. I don't like to use blow dryers because it gives me the Diana Ross look so I just comb my hair out and flat iron it (I use an Instyler and Heat Protection Serum by Olive Oil). However, when I go to the salon to get a wash & set, they use a blow dryer on me with the comb attached and it works really well but hurts a lot. All of this to me sounds like the description of styling issues of Type 2b, but my actual curls sound like the description of Type 3b and 3c. I really want to start wearing my hair curly all the time, but I don't want to damage it anymore by not taking care of it properly. What should I do???