i'm a healthy and active person that has gotten lax and have about 10 more lbs on me than i like. in a normal circumstance this wouldn't be an issue and i'd just work to get it off, no problem, but i'm going on a big international trip in about 2.5 weeks and when i'm a little "extra" it shows in my face which i hate for pics.

so....i'm looking for some quick, practical tips to shed the extra 8-10 lbs so that i don't look puffy in my vacation pics. i don't care if what i lose is water weight or whatever. here's what i plan to do, please chime in on things that have worked for you when you needed to lose a quick 10:
  • no pastries, cakes, sweets
  • extra cardio (5 times per week, currently only doing 2 times per week)
  • lots of water
  • extra fiber (psyllium husks)
  • no eating after 7 pm (this one will be hard and i know i can't do it every day but i'm going to try)
*** disclaimer: i know crash dieting isn't a good idea, results are not permanent and all that. i'm admittedly looking for a short term fix. ***
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