I have amazing news, I've found a brilliant curly hairdresser in Glasgow! Elaine at Alan Edwards salon in Merchany City - she's seriously curly herself she's one of the salon owners and has won Scottish Hairdresser of the Year. I went today after a year of hairdresser avoidance and for the first time in my life left a salon delighted with my hair. I wanted to cry I was so happy when I saw it, it was so dry and straggly before and she has made it gorgeous. I've never been to the same hairdresser twice because they've never known what to do with my hair, but I've finally found a hairdresser I can trust. Recommend Elaine 100%.
This is the website - Alan Edwards Salon
You can see in the photos of the art team how curly Elaine's hair is!
I know my review might seem over the top but I'm honestly so happy someone has fixed my hair!