S~ Just wanted to add my support, even tho I have always thought that you look fabu.
Of course, for me, I'm too old to care....
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thanks girl! i don't think i'll ever be too old to care

today was my first day, pretty easy breezy. i went to the grocery store and picked up orange roughy, tilapia, canned tuna and boneless chicken breast. i also loaded up on veggies and olives and some cheddar cheese. tonight i'm having stuffed portabello mushrooms. for lunch i had a chef salad with turkey and ranch dressing.

tomorrow we're doing mexican food for my brothers birthday. i'm thinking proactively. i'll either do fajitas minus the tortillas or a salad with shrimp or chicken. i know chips are off limits so i'll have to be strong. in the morning i'm having a breakfast business meeting. we're meeting at a place where i can have an omelette....yum!!
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