The other day I was having a conversation with an acquaintance who basically asked me why I was so ashamed of my hair that I rarely wear it out. I told her that I'm in braids(with my own hair) 97% of the time, because I'm trying to reach length goals and to do this I must protect my hair. However when I went home, I thought about it further and I've realized that I cannot handle my loose hair. I don't hate my hair texture but I just have not learned how to handle it in the 15 months that I have been natural, because I constantly use protective styles to avoid dealing with it.

Whenever I wear it out, its extremely dry and breaking by the end of the day although it was moisturized at the beginning. I henna with reshma(once a month), I shampoo with African black soap(once a month), I condition with desert essences coconut conditioner(once a week), I moisturize with qhemets amla and olive heavy cream and komaza care shea butter lotion(every week), and seal with komaza care moku butter and qhemet's olive and honey hydrating balm(every week), and I deep condition with mozeke's hair masque(every month.).

I feel like I'm doing everything right product wise but it seems like my hair is never happy. . Can y'all please help me find techniques /products that would allow me to wear my hair out more without dryness by the end of the day. I feel as though I shouldn't be remoisturizing everyday and that I must be doing something wrong as from most of the posts I've read a lot of ladies can go 2+ days without having to moisturize again.

Hair stats:
  • high porosity
  • coarse stands(majority of my hair) and fine strands at my nape
  • medium density
  • hates Shea butter alone
  • dislikes cones/petroleum

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