first, I would like to thank anyone who takes the time to read/respond to this. I realize there are a few posts dedicated to this already but I would like to get opinions based on my circumstance and not anyone else's because I am sure that is how I got in this predicament..

The Story:
in late dec 2010, I permanently colored my previously light brown hair black. then in early jan I did the aphogee 2 step protein treatment & two packs of balancing moisture. BIG MISTAKE!

The Problem:
my hair is dry to the touch, crispity crunchity.
shedding = ridiculous.
which means breakage
split ends everywhere.
all around mess.

Failed Solutions:
aussie 3 min deeeeep conditioner

I shampoo once a week with shea moisture use giovanni leave in or cantu. I also use hydratherma naturals daily moisturizing growth lotion.

I just reached my 1 year mark in feb and I am still learning. this was actually my first time doing any type of protein treatment. I am beginning to believe I did not need it in the first place. I eat a lot of eggs regularly and take plenty of vitamins. before my hair was so soft & retaining length nicely- even after professional color. now, I am terrified to see the amount of hair going down the shower drain when I detangle or finger comb! also, i havent applied heat in 2 months & have been wearing protective styles and STILL i have tons of split ends (even after dusting & numerous "search&destroys")


P.S. I would like to touch up my hair color as well although, I'm learning that it can cause dryness as well. any brand suggestions? i'm a jet black fan so henna isn't for me..

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