Does anyone know of any links where Shaun P explains why he created this or how he came upon this idea? I guess I've gotten so used to buying things from small businesses that I'm always intrigued by their stories. I have a denman, but you have all convinced me to give the tangle teezer a try. LOL. I'm not 4b and my hair doesn't tangle a lot, but I have a lot of a hair, and with my current uneven lengths, I rely on my denman to blend everything better. Thanks ladies!
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I just hooked my mom and sister-in-law on to the Tangle Teezer and my mom asked the same thing. I'm curious myself. I know he's a hairdresser but in the pics of him his hair doesn't look too curly. Maybe a little wavy (and that may be pushing it)? Of course he's a guy who wears his hair shorter so maybe the curls are disguised by the short haircut? Who knows...

On another note, I have been using the Tangle Teezer faithfully for a couple of months now and have already purchased a couple of backups because I feel I will never be without one of these again in life. I love this thing! It has definitely simplified my detangling routine.

One word of caution (with regard to MY experience with the Tangle Teezer), the first two times I used it, instead of finger detangling first (which I always do), I took Shaun P at his word that the TT can detangle dry hair with minimal breakage/shedding. And it did (detangle that is) my hair with less shedding than when I finger detangled (to my pleasant surprise). I remember finding a shed hair or two that had splits after the first time I detangled dry with TT but didn't think much of it since it was so little hair.

In the back of my mind, though, I was a little leery because up until then, I hadn't found any splits on shed hairs when I finger detangled.

The second time I detangled dry with TT, I found more than one or two shed hairs with split ends. I decided that detangling dry with TT was not a good idea for my hair and went back to finger detangling dry then detangling with TT with hair that was soaking wet and full of conditioner. The shed hair with splits disappeared after that.

Meanwhile, apparently CurlyNikki did a review of the TT where she spoke of how it created split ends and there is even now as I type this, a whole thread on the 4a section about people who experienced split ends for the first time after using TT:

So, just a friendly warning that detangling dry with TT might not be good for 4b hair. Everyone's hair is different though. Some are swearing that whether the hair is wet or dry, the TT is creating split ends for them whereas before there were none.

For my hair, as long as I don't detangle dry, the TT works marvelously. I've used the TT on my son (who has about 3 1/2 inches of hair) on only wet, conditioner laden hair and have found no splits at all in his shed hairs. His hair strands are fine versus my medium strands.
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