thanks for responding! Would a water/glycerin mix be sufficient rather than conditioner and water because I get buildup very easily.
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I don't know where you are from, but it's really cold and dry where I am now and glycerin + water might dry your hair out more since there is not water for the glycerin to take from the environment.

When you say "out" do you mean "out" as in a braid out or out as a wash and go? If I'm wearing my hair in a wash and go I have to re-moisturize every day (water + peppermint oil for smell or Jane Carter's spray leave in) since I need to fluff it back up after bed time. If I'm wearing a braid out or a twist out, I re-moisturize less because I find too many products weigh my hair down and make it less big and fluffy.

I sounds like you aren't deep conditioning enough. Maybe try increasing it to once every 2 weeks? Cut back on the henna as well (once every 2 months), depending on the head of hair, it can be extremely drying.

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