How's it going LML??

I intended to start low-carbing today but somehow ended up eating oatmeal for breakfast. Ugh. Oh well, better than a pastry!
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hey lawoman! actually not as hard as i thought. there are a LOT of things i can eat. don't even focus on what i can't. i did good, not a single tortilla chip when my family went for mexican food saturday. i made deviled eggs last night and had salad and orange roughy. all tasty.

going to get my lunch of chicken, green beans and a salad.

i'd already bought some greek yogurts before i started so i'm going to spread those out and eat them before i leave but i think this will be something i can definitely do for the next 2 weeks! i didn't want to weigh too soon in case i haven't lost. i'll probably weigh at the end of the week. i feel good though.

i'm finding pre-planning is the key! what are you planning to eat today? don't worry so much about the oatmeal.
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That's awesome that you've been able to resist the call of the carbs--- very impressive. I know those tortilla chips at a Mexican restaurant are tough to ignore! Keep up the great work.

As for me, I've got some ground turkey and salmon at home, along with a plethora of vegetables, both frozen and fresh. I was thinking of doing some sort of "stuffed cabbage" with the ground turkey--minus the rice!

Oh yeah, I've got some greek yogurt at home too. I need to remember to bring those to work to eat as snacks.