At first impression, the Tangle Teezer looked scary to me. I mean, look at all those teeth! And the video I saw on Youtube of women using the brush got me worried because I kept hearing a Velcro-like noise!

But I got it anyway. After a month of use, I can conclude that this is THE best detangling tool I have ever used. I have extremely thick hair, so it's difficult for me to reach the roots with just a comb. With the TT, I can easily get to my roots and it just glides right through to the ends. Detangling with conditioner takes only 15-30 minutes now! It used to take an hour before.

Also, before the TT, I used to detangle in the shower. I didn't even realize how long I was taking in the shower until one day my mom popped in the bathroom and fussed about me being in there for almost an hour lol. I was wasting so much water. Now, it just seems much more practical to detangle outside of the shower and rinse in the shower.

After a week of no detangling, this is all the hair I lost. And ALL of it was shed.

Yay for the TT!
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