I was a poll worker for the Gore v Bush election. The polls open in NY at 6 and don't close until 9 but I was there for about another hour or so after that to clean up, so I had an extremely long day. There was high turnout for that election and I found it draining directing people to their correct district and having people yell at me because they'd moved but their names weren't on the register. I swore I'd never do it again.
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Oh, I'm sure it will be tiring. And that I'll be spending the day with older people and meeting some previously, possibly blessedly, unknown neighbors. It's okay. I'm a bit sequestered in my regular routine and I like to shake things up now and then.

Of course, a vacation would be better, but that's not really possible right now. Although, I did get invited to scenic Columbus, Ohio for a day this week. (I'm skipping it.)