I had to figure out something to do with chicken cutlets tonight to make it new and exciting. And I also wanted to use up a large batch of mashed potatoes.

So, I added a good amount of crushed rosemary and parsley to the mashies, then I cut the chicken into large bite-size chunks and dipped them in lemon juice and encased each chunk with the mashies and formed into balls, and baked at 400 on my baking stone for a half hour til they were brown all over. OMFG...It was delicious. I named the recipe: Rooster Balls.

Served with a spinach, olive, and pickled cabbage salad.

Big hit with the kids and husband alike.
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Okay, that sounds really good, especially since I like eating meat in bite sizes. Great idea! Do you think it'll taste a lot different in a regular pan vs a baking stone?
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I think the stone is superior for browning things on the bottom, but they'd probably be fine on a regular pan as well.