All i here on here is negative things about moms! well guess what? my mom is no different! Im 45 now and as a kid, my mom made me cry evertime shed have to brush my hair(grammer school) now that im older she still has never said anything good toward my hair, no matter how ive worn it! shes constantly saying " your brother has such pretty hair, i wish i had his hair" his hair is culrly also and i love his hair but mine is curly his is more kinky ( no offense brother) and she never has anything positive to say about my hair. i caught her telling my daughter" long hair looks ok if its not all messy and just hanging ther" i overheard her becuz i was standinding right outside and i heard my name come up. that was hurtfull! Id give an inch of my hair just to hear her say" i like u hair" Guess what! that inch will never leave my head lol! So, weve got eachother on this site. Who needs a mothers positive thoghts? well its plain to see we did and do! then we probly wouldnt have so many negative thoghts about our hair! just venting! Lisa45