Ive read alot of the thread on here. Nobody has anything good to say about their mothers when it comes to their hair and having to grow up with curly hair. Well guess what guys! i have nothing to say good about my mom neither! Growing up when she was forced to do my hair for school(grammer) shed make me cry everytime. Shed yank at it and say i never brushed it, ive got very thick hair like my dad had. his hair was curly, kinky. She would tug at it really hard, then yell at me for crying. i was always afraid when it came hair combing time! Im now 45 with waist long hair (curly) I over heard her telling my daughter "when i went to michael(hair stylist) i was asking him if i should cut my hair shorter. he said when u dont do anything with it but just have it hanging ther all messy you should think about cutting it in to a stly that looks good" now she said that out loud to my daughter while i was sitting outside. After i asked her what she was saying she said" oh i was telling alissa when ur hair hair is long and messy maybe u should cut it , becuz it doesnt look good!" As long as ive had her as my mom LoL! shes never said anything positive about my hair. my brother has longer hair than i do (curly, kinky) she constantly saying how she wishes she had his hair! I too love my brothers hair but he doesnt take care of it and not to say anything negative about his hair cuz i love his curls but i do blieve my hair is thicker. No matter what ive done to my hair sraighten, highlights, shoulder lenghth ect... she has never said anything positive about my hair.... thanks mom! What happened to helping ur kids have good self esteem? Thanks for listening and letting me vent. lisa45