My name's Liz

Ive been trying to go natural for close to two years now, after a long time of flat ironing my hair. I cut the hair that was damaged from relaxing it in my first year in college, and ive been letting it grow since, because its easier to handle that way. Right now its 3-4 inches under my shoulders, with some split ends, because of the occasional flat ironing.

I stopped using heat months ago, but was still using a heavy amount of products and shampoo. Now its been a week ive been doing the "curly girl" method, becasue for some reason the old way of styling my hair stooped working, and my hair was looking horrible no matter what i put on it.

I find that using only the conditioner it doesnt look bad but its really weak. If i brush my hair with my hand to the side, i break a couple of hairs. If my boyfriend pets my hair, im afraid he will break it. I am having frizz problems but i just either slick the frizz back with gel, or put my hair in a bun.

What im wondering is if after 3 weeks of following the curly girl method my hair will get any better. Right now it doesnt feel soft, and i hate how brittle it seems. Co-washing causes an enormous amount of hair fallout and it freaks me out.
Im going to stick to this for a month, i hope this is a reasonable thing to do or maybe i should buy a miracle leave in and miracle silicone product to make my hair soft and defined (...) Anyway, i hope this works for me