Congratulations! Like most of us, you have a varied curl pattern. Unfortunately, it's more varied for some of us than others.

Most of my less curly hair is in the underlayer. What works best for me is to apply a curl cream before applying any gel. I try to get it in the least curly areas. Sometimes a less curly section will pop through, the rest, so it's more obvious. Reading your post made me think that maybe I could try putting curl cream on those locks of hair once they'd dried, and become more obvious.

I think that some of the reason I see less curl in the lower layer is that it's not as long as the rest of my hair, and it's 3A. I know it will fall into ringlets once it gets long enough, but it takes a long time to see notable growth in hair as curly as mine. It is starting to jump up now and look like it belongs with the rest of my hair finally, so that's progress.

Baby Fine 3B, low porosity, normal density and elasticity
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