I'm not a huge fan of locs, although I think if he has the "swag" for it he can pull it off. But if a guy has a huge fro, I get all Harry Potter stupefied and stuff. I got in the elevator of my building one time, and there was this tall guy with this wild fro, and I was just staring at it, I wanted to touch it SO BAD. Then he complimented my hair and I could barely form a sentence. He wasn't even really cute, but his fro stunned me lol! Another time I was at a bar and this guy had like lion mane hair...and I made him my BFF for the night and he let me play in his hair! I was like, "Youuuurrr hair is ah-maze-ing..." I mean, there was alcohol involved, but so??? His hair was still the bomb lol.

And if he has a relaxer (oh I've seen it IRL, not just on Katt Williams) automatic deal breaker. ABSOLUTELY NOT. I shan't dabble in such tomfoolery!
BC'ed: 26 Dec 09

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