Man, I was just at walgreens looking at shea moisture products. But the one product I was looking for was the leave-in conditioner and they didn't have it. I was really disappointed. I went to like 5 different walgreens.
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In all of my walgreens they only had, from the coconut and hibiscus line: the curl enhancing smoothing, the mist, and the curl milk. In the raw shea butter line they had: the masque and the shampoo. I was also bummed, but didn't want to miss a good deal so I purchased the smoothie for my twist-outs or for protein and the masque to use as a leave in. The masque has been great so far.
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msvaughn on youtube said the curl enhancing smoothie makes your curls pop out. I'd like to have your personal opinion on that. Did it do anything for you?
Texture: Fine
Porosity: High
Elasticity: Normal
Density: Thick
Curl Type: 4b

BC on April 20, 2010