I'm growing out an inverted bob and I like the length in the front which, due to the angle, is longer than the back.

I think I'll keep growing the back out until it's a length I like and then have the front trimmed to match. I just don't think I'm an inverted bob girl. I've only recently been able to do a half-pinapple at night and my hair behaves much better when it is a bit longer than when is pretty short at the back.

I'll probably end up with a longer length bob and won't go really long again but trying to make an inverted bob look good everyday is harder than when the hair is all one length.
shoulder length inverted bob; fine; 3A-3B; med-thick density; normal porosity; normal elasticity- my hair loves keratin, ACV, silk protein ,Curlkeeper and AG:Recoil ; seems to hate moisturizing products and oils except mineral oil; CG- Jan/'09-mod CG Sept/'09;CG again Jan/'10/mod CG from Mar'10

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