Why do people say things like this?!

Ex. 1. "I got raped in my State Laws debate! I wanted to cry!"
Ex. 2. "We'll get together rape those plurals together!" (Meaning, learn them really well. We are studying Arabic.)

What exactly do these people expect me to say in return? It makes me want to vomit. These were two different guys within the last week. Not to mention that "rape" is a gaming term, and how some guys were making "rape jokes" at my roommate's party the other day. If this isn't evidence for a misogynistic/rape culture, I don't know what is.
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Unfortunately this is not limited to men, not limited to young people, etc. It makes me ill. And trying to explain why it is offensive can be like pounding your head against a wall.
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Yes, I thought about this, which is why I deliberately said "people" instead of "men" or "college kids." In my specific instances though, they were both young men.