i haven't followed atkins religiously but i have avoided carbs from rice, pasta, breads and potatoes. i eat a reasonable portion of protein and veggies galore. i only had corn once so mostly the green stuff. i've had tons of water and green tea as well as the good oils. i've had raw sugar in coffee once, a few pieces of hard candy here and there, greek yogurt w/ fruit that i wasn't going to waste and some wine on a couple of occassions. i haven't had any baked sweets (i gave that up for lent among other things anyway).

anyway, i can tell a difference. i opted not to weigh but just go my how my clothes felt, how i feel and how my face looks (i.e. is it puffy). i'll continue this until my trip and even when i return. it is a better way to eat. i will begin eating fruit again though. i think i'll continue to avoid the baked treats. except very rare occassions. i was consuming them way too frequently.

wile e....the concert was great! the air wasn't working the best but i had on a strapless top so i was fine.
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