Hello Everyone!
I've made the decision to go natural and embrace my 3b curls (still not 100% sure about my hair type).

I've been visiting this site for about 2 months now and I'm loving the education that I'm receiving. The tips, articles, and CurlTalk are both informative and very helpful. But I need more!

I have 2 different hair types on my head which makes it very difficult to style. More 3b, bouncy, shiny curls upfront combined with wavy-straight bangs and ends in the back of my head (please see attachment). >< Can you see my dilemma? My hair tends to be on the dry side. I am a true product junkie.

I like my curls but I'm still not satisfied. I don't like the dry, frizzy, crunchy feel that my hair has after styling. I would like curls that are moisturized, defined, bouncy, shiny and soft. Also 2 or 3 day hair would be great. Is that too much to ask? Looking forward to learning from all of you and sharing what limited knowledge I have.

Love Your Curls, Love Yourself,
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