Hello Curlies!

I've read about porous hair and I'm still not 100% sure what type is mine. If any of you could help that would be great!

First of all, I very rarely heat style my hair (including blow drying). I've only straightened my hair a handful of times, curled it about 5 times, and blow dried also a handful of times. I've only dyed my hair twice (first time = highlights, second time = entire hair).

I have a lot of 2C thick, coarse wavy hair. It takes a long time to completely dry (about a day). It has shine and is resistant to heat styling (one of the reasons why I rarely did it, really no reason since my wavy hair would be back by the end of day, or less). I'm not sure about resistant to chemicals since I've only dyed mine twice, also because I have very dark hair and already have to up my dying time. It sort of resists from getting wet but I haven't particularly paid attention to this (but now I will since I just found out). BUT my hair gets frizzy with humid/rainy days (a sign of high porosity right?)

I hope one of you what's going on with my hair!