Ok so I have some questions, maybe some can shed some light for me

  1. Why does or do some products make the hair clump together like glue? I noticed it happens more with products that have PVP or carbomer in it but recently it happened with FSG
  2. Do you find that a clear leave in works best to avoid the whiteness or does it not matter?
  3. What leave in conditioner works best with your styler? Creamy leave ins or watery?
  4. If you diffuse, how long do you diffuse, or have you ever sat under a dryer before?
  5. Have you ever went straight from conditioning your hair to adding your styler, no leave in?
  6. Can you name some good styler and leave in combinations?
Originally Posted by shawnyblazes
I think the clumping is most common in gels, and usually after your hair has grown a certain length. Gel is pretty good for TWAs, but most naturals I know use it less and less as their hair grew.

The type of leave-in doesn't matter to me, but it does depend on the ingredients or whether or not your hair is wet or dry. Since we're talking wash-n-gos, I can say that Shea Moisture doesn't work well for me at all on wet hair. Water-based leave-ins work better with my styler.

My life is incomplete without a leave-in. I can't style without it - I needs the conditioner in my life for my hair to act right. Currently I use Kinky-Curly Knot Today for definition more so than as a conditioner, and then mix in a little Giovanni Direct Leave-In, and top it off with my Eco Styler.
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