Right - I meant do you part your hair when you style it for the day (not when you pineappled at night)? Pineappling works better if you do them on top and part horizontal (like a mohawk), but if you part your hair to style it, that's going to jack up your part. When my hair was shorter, I didn't part my hair at all, so I could do my pineapple mohawk thingie at night.
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good name for it! i like the PM best too. I can work around my part or leave some out and pin it in the direction I want, the parts around my face.

I leave my nape out because I don't want it stretched. I've also got these dumb bangs so they're out of the elastic as well.

the side by side bi-napple gives a lot of gap. needs a lot more water and shakeage to cure.
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