Me too under 9 bucks and free shipping can't beat it
I only paid 2 bucks off some other site for the first one but I didn't like it much

I just ordered it today from the bookdepository site. Ive used that website before so i know they are legit and ship relitavely fast. What a bargain! I hired the old version of curly girl out from my local library (what a find!) and had to hire it out two more times as i just love it as a reference. Considered buying it off amazon or something for a while, then the new one came out, cheaper than i could get the old one for, with NEW content...


yeahhhh cant wait to recieve it!
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FULL CG - 2nd Attempt 2/27/11
TYPE: Fluffy see through coils & corkscrews when dry & product free
HGS underlined
DC: AOHSR / AOGPB / AOSwim / Elucence
PO: BWC RM / CV Poo Bars
Cowash: Vo5 KL / GTTT Dilute / Vo5 SC
Warm mths - help??
Cool mths - H20, Olive oil, whipped shea butter
STYLE: La Bella Styling Gel / Deva SIF