I bought it; used it for a while; realized that I am not the ideal customer for it. Got more frizz than with the bowl diffuser.

I find I prefer to use a trident type pick to lift roots and a bowl diffuser for crown height, then clip.

And I prefer using my own fingers as needed.

I don't have a whole lotta hair, so there wasn't much for the Deva fingers to do. Honestly...I think it would work much better on someone with dense hair and good natural curling/clumping.

For thinner hair and hair that needs curl encouragement (like wavies or 3a), I think it's a bust.

But I'd say it would be good for dense haired-gals who need to GET IN THERE with the hotter air and find it hard without the projectile action of the fingers, or for those who want looser curls.

Still, if someone said to me the fingers versus the bowl, the bowl, hands down, no questions. The bowl with a good ionic diffuser.
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