yeah. lol! ppl love love touching the spirally hair. i remember back in the old days when i didn't know no better and put hair spray in my hair... and ppl would come abd touch it without permission, then have the nerve to try and rub the residue on me. uhhh... i didn't tell you to touch my hair.

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products: after everything I've tried & loved, I'm now down to just using yes to carrots conditioner. i actually just rub it on my hair while dry, get my hair moisted up with just that, then carefully finger comb/seperate sections of my hair (takes about 15-20 minutes). after that, i hope in the shower, let the water hit and shake-rinse my hair and massage my scalp. once out, i simple let my hair air dry. every now and then, i'll use a diffuser.

btw, pardon my all lower case. i just love 'em.