Kayb, will you share with Presto!? Like if she makes dinner or brings chocolate or something?

Can you ladies work this out? Because, to be honest, putting on my Ninja suit takes a really long time, and I'm kind of sleepy.

If I still hear fighting in the morning, we'll simply have to slice what's-his-name in two. Okay?
Originally Posted by ninja dog
just out of curiosity

would this have been like a King Sol thing?...like whoever said

"No, don't slice him... give him to her!"

would've gotten JGL all to herself?"


I love it when my e-catfights are resolved before dinner so dh can't read over my shoulder.
Originally Posted by Presto!
But, look at him.....would you really want to slice him or hurt him in ANY way? That's just inhumane!

Ninja, I too would like to know.

Presto!- you might enjoy his blog. It's quite artsy: http://hitrecordjoe.tumblr.com/
I ain't thirsty. There's plenty of fish in the sea, but I don't want all of them, can I have some standards? Or do we just have to settle, for someone's who meh and will do.

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