thanks for the hair comp sir chewcar (you don't mind me call you that nick name do you? lol). as time goes by, i'm coming more and more into my hair regimen.

i use yes to carrots conditioner to cowash once a week (i used to do it almost everyday) but recently i started water washing only after trying one day to great results. while i'm washing i basically just massage my scalp and lightly fingercomb... then shake my head. after im out the shower, i spray my hair with a mix i made of water, taliah waajid bodifier, taliah waajid healing oyl, and shea moisture shea butter lotion. i then put on a huge satin cap so it doesn't mash on my hair and shake. after that, i take off the cap and i'm finished if im going to air dry... and sometimes i diffuse if im in a hurry. ^_^

music? im currently working on my first album. its going to be a soul/pop/rock fusion. i have some roughies on my bandcamp page at


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products: after everything I've tried & loved, I'm now down to just using yes to carrots conditioner. i actually just rub it on my hair while dry, get my hair moisted up with just that, then carefully finger comb/seperate sections of my hair (takes about 15-20 minutes). after that, i hope in the shower, let the water hit and shake-rinse my hair and massage my scalp. once out, i simple let my hair air dry. every now and then, i'll use a diffuser.

btw, pardon my all lower case. i just love 'em.