My hair is type 2b/3a, I think. It seems healthy and doesn't seem to be dry. I have tried the following products, with the following results:

DevaCare One C

Cons--Flaking! I've never had a product flake on me before. Also a build-up feeling.

Pros--Nice chunky curls.
This weighed my hair down and I got greasy looking hair.

Jessicurl Too Shea

Cons--Thin, piecey curls. Seems to weigh hair down. Surface frizz.

Pros--I get the seaweedy feeling.

This used to work for me and I also got the seaweedy feel but it stopped working and made my hair dry after it was dry.

Aveda Sap Moss Conditioner

Cons--Has a bad cone in it.

Pros--Nice chunky curls. Seems to work the best of all so far.

This one I got the longest use out of but it stopped working. My hair got drier and drier with it. I think it has wheat protein in it (I don't remember) and I can't use anything with that in it.

Has anyone had similar results with these products? Based on how my hair has reacted to these products, does anyone have suggestions for a conditioner I should try?

I didn't like any of the drugstore ones like vo5 or suave. I do like aussie 3 min. original formula. It does have the simethicone in it and I can't recall if that is easily washed out or not but I never had a problem with it. I'm currently also using the jojoba condish by nature's gate and awaupuhi by nature's gate for co-washing.
So far, so good.

Thank you very much!
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