You guys are lucky. My hair is the reverse. From straightening my hair for so long my front pieces are straight for about 3 1/2 inches and then turn into a slight wave. I've tried skip curling them, scrunching, pins, and diffusing. None of it has worked. I don't even know what to do with them anymore.
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Do you mean your hair at the top of your head is straight or where bangs would be is straight?

My hair if I comb it after my shower is straight at the top until about my ears and then curls, which is ridiculous but it's always been that way. Since I started the CG method most days I will rinse my hair upside down and finger comb it then and then scruch it try with a cotton tshirt and then and only then is my hair curly at the top. It looks so much better that way too... Then I don't get triangle hair as well. Lol. Hair can be such a pain sometimes.
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My hair is weird. The top layer curls at the root, than turns straight for a few inches then curls again. I think this is because of all the flat ironing I did. When I straightened it I would always make sure that the top layer was super straight. I'm pretty sure that my hair is curling at the roots because it's new growth and the straight stuff is heat damaged. Lol, hair can definitely be pain.