Okay I finally got a trim.
Because I noticed a small trend when I combed my hair once a week. I would always find mini o rings (about 1/8 of inch in diameter) on the floor and counter top of the bathroom or where ever I styled/detangled my hair. I know I have excessively slow growing hair (about 1/4 inch) that why I reduce triming to once ever 6 months. But I have been realizing these o ring pieces and I think this is the culprit to why I have seen no length retention in over year and a half.

I think the trim may have help a bit it seem like less than before may be down to half or two thirds the amount (so about 8-15 pieces not accounting for what I don't notice when I wash) I only detangle once a week. But it has been a brutally dry winter where I am (I am in Canada) I know because I suffered a pretty bad eczema break.

These o rings are a major problem can any one make some solutions? I have started leaving the conditioner in and air drying till almost dry before styling and that maybe helping but it is to soon to tell for certain. I thinking I might get a few strands bleached so I can see what my hair growth actually is (never bleached though) But if my hair growth is 1/4 inch a month then…

What should I do to retain length?
(weaves, extension maybe)

How do I stop the o rings from happening?
(especially since the trimming didn't help, much)

I …
  • Use sulfate free shampoo.
  • Do oil rinses (reduces single strand knots)
  • Partly detangle in the shower
  • Now leave the conditioner in (moisturizing or normal).
  • style/detangle after almost dry, spritz when needed.
  • Was a transitioner (unknowingly) no big chop.
  • Seal hair with a light oil/butter combo.
  • Now seal ends with cones (seems to be working)
  • Got a healthy scalp according to a dermatologist
    (I may challenge that, but that's another topic)
  • Health diet even lost additional 5 pounds post workout
  • Haven't seen length retention in over year and a half
  • EL when really shrunken and just brush SL when stretched