Okay I finally got a trim.
Because I noticed a small trend when I combed my hair once a week. I would always find mini o rings (about 1/8 of inch in diameter) on the floor and counter top of the bathroom or where ever I styled/detangled my hair. I know I have excessively slow growing hair (about 1/4 inch) that why I reduce triming to once ever 6 months. But I have been realizing these o ring pieces and I think this is the culprit to why I have seen no length retention in over year and a half.

I think the trim may have help a bit it seem like less than before may be down to half or two thirds the amount (so about 8-15 pieces not accounting for what I don't notice when I wash) I only detangle once a week. But it has been a brutally dry winter where I am (I am in Canada) I know because I suffered a pretty bad eczema break.

These o rings are a major problem can any one make some solutions? I have started leaving the conditioner in and air drying till almost dry before styling and that maybe helping but it is to soon to tell for certain. I thinking I might get a few strands bleached so I can see what my hair growth actually is (never bleached though) But if my hair growth is 1/4 inch a month then…

What should I do to retain length?
(weaves, extension maybe)

How do I stop the o rings from happening?
(especially since the trimming didn't help, much)

I …
  • Use sulfate free shampoo.
  • Do oil rinses (reduces single strand knots)
  • Partly detangle in the shower
  • Now leave the conditioner in (moisturizing or normal).
  • style/detangle after almost dry, spritz when needed.
  • Was a transitioner (unknowingly) no big chop.
  • Seal hair with a light oil/butter combo.
  • Now seal ends with cones (seems to be working)
  • Got a healthy scalp according to a dermatologist
    (I may challenge that, but that's another topic)
  • Health diet even lost additional 5 pounds post workout
  • Haven't seen length retention in over year and a half
  • EL when really shrunken and just brush SL when stretched
Originally Posted by hyspin
If you are having a breakage issues, bleaching your hair is only going to add to the problem. You should never chemically process hair that is breaking & splitting on its own.

Maybe you aren't handling your hair gently enough? Maybe you need to try new products?

You mentioned that the winter has been dry, & from your hair regimen, I don't see any moisturizers listed. I see conditioner, but I know that conditioner only isn't enough for my hair. You might be having the same problem. My advice is to find a good moisturizer. Maybe you can try the baggy method to see if it helps you out. I know some of the ladies can recommend good moisturizers. I'm not CG, so I never really do product recommendations.

Good luck!
Originally Posted by FoxyCleopatraGuide
Well I am very gentle I don't get that much shedding so I know that my technique is on the ball. As for moisture as mentioned before I use moisturizing conditioner as a leave in which is as a moisturizing as lotion. I also follow up with sealing the hair with oil and follow up with spritzing with water(rose water, glycerin) ad needed. This has solved my dryness issue. My not brittle nor course.

When I mention bleaching I wanted to do ten strands tops so that I can track growth via the darken roots. Not the whole head like you implying if you read my point carefully you would notice I said “I thinking I might get a few strands bleached” I just to see what the rate of growth per month. If you can suggest a better way to measure growth from the root I am all ears.

Well I am not big on product suggestions but techniques are always great. But hell why not what lotions can you suggest? Please note that I hate product buildup, I will not use any product that stinks, or has a lot alcohol or moisture strippers or changes the feel of my hair (making it rough, sticky, ridged or tacky). That's how a lot of products failed in the past.
Oh don't forget that I live in Canada so it has to be local last time I order skin product online duties and taxes bled me.