@Melaniesusan Thanks for the input! Like you, I loved hard hold gels in the beginning, but now don't seem to need them as much and tend to prefer styling products that leave my hair feeling soft and natural. I too have had success with a LI+jelly+medium hold gel, particularly CEJ+FHG, but also FSG and any gel.

I don't think it was clear, but I meant that the CJ line seems to work better for folks who naturally have a strong curl pattern and/or coarser hair, not that it gives people tighter curls. The SS line, on the other hand, seems tailor-made for ladies with fine hair and/or loose curls, since it has the salts for curl enhancing and the amino acids (i.e. protein).
waves, loose coils, and cherub curls (=mixed 2s through 3a), very fine texture overall (but with medium and even coarse strands scattered throughout)