I'm sorry I was mistaken, I though CIAB was a firm gel, sounds like it's more of a curl enhancing gellie? So one of the other CJ harder hold gels would have to go with it or SS FHG?

but it sounds like the CCCC Lt. has more curl enhancing properties than the CIAB? Sorry for all the questions.
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Yes, CIAB is a curl-enhancing gellie, rather than a firm gel. However, it's very potent, and whenever I've tried it with CQ on top, my hair seems too producty. I prefer using it without gel on top. However, I haven't yet tried CIAB with FHG. That would be a worthwhile experiment. CIAB is very versatile - a lot of curlies use a small amount of it: (1) in high dews for frizz reduction, or (2) for added shine and definition.

For me personally, CCCC lite is more curl enhancing than CIAB. CCCC lite is a curl cream, and CIAB is a gelly. I've also tried them together (CCCC lite + CIAB), but it's too much for my hair; I prefer using a leave-in (like CJ beauticurls) under CIAB. CIAB is very moisturizing on its own.
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