I like the fact that I can twist my hair and not have to use product to get it to stay twisted.

I like that when I walk around in a store, even on a bad hair day, I attract attention because of my hair.

I like that my hair has a rebellious and stubborn streak that drives OTHER people crazy which I'm a bit proud of. What I mean by that is certain people (not gonna name names lol) want me to blow my hair out so bad and when I do treatments that promise to do that my hair still kinks and shrinks back up like it always does. It may be silly to think so, but my hair being so determined to remain exactly the way it is, makes me feel stronger as a person in a way.

I like the fact that when I lay down it feels like a pillow is attached to my head....which is perfect because I love to sleep lmao.

What do you like about your hair?
Texture: Fine
Porosity: High
Elasticity: Normal
Density: Thick
Curl Type: 4b

BC on April 20, 2010