i have been using spiral solutions deeply decadent moisturizing treatment as a curl cream. after my leave in (currently using cj argan & olive oil conditioner), i blot excess water from my hair, then scrunch in the ss dd. it's been great -- what i like about ss dd is that it gives me shine, curl and softness. after reading ingredient lists on curl creams, it hit me that a lot of those ingredients are in ss d, so...... i tried it and i'm liking it very much. i also have found that cj and ss products work well together.
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Thanks for this tip, rbb. I have never used it that way, and now I wanna try it. I just got two fresh jars from CurlMart...hooray!

And yes, CJ and SS play together. I routinely use the CJ Smoothing Lotion to refresh 3rd or 4th day hair that's had SS CEJ/FHG on it for first and second day. They do very nicely.

And I've used CJ Curl Queen over SS CEJ with good results.

Since those are my two main lines...add in AG and Elucence and that covers most of what goes on my head....
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i'm curious to see how it works for you. report back! :-)
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