i am not sure that pure 4b hair has defined curls.

why are ppl trying to define the curls? To make it look like 3b or 3c?

to make 4b hair look defined a braid out or bantuknot out might help
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My hair is majority 4b with a dash of 4a and a sprinkle of 3c. I occasionally define my 4b curls when I want to sport a different look. It's nice to be able to try out different styles with my hair. But to be honest it's a bit time consuming so I prefer to wear my hair in other styles.

Defined 4b hair does not look like 3b hair or 3c hair. My 3c curls are a lot larger and they hang down more. So, I don't think that the majority of people with 4b hair define their curls to make it look like another hair type.