I'd already purchased a lot of Shea moisture products from target and been using for a while. When I went to walgreens that had this new stuff I'd never seen before, so I bought it and tried it last night. It's apart of the African black soap line of Shea moisture and it's called purification masque. It was wonderful! I'm going back to buy the rest of the purification masque because it's hard to find!!!
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How did you use the purification masque. Did you do it before or after shampooing? Did you use it like shampoo and then condition? Or did you just use it alone?
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I used this a couple days after shampoo'ing. I let it sit in my hair for about 15-20 minutes then rinse it out, and gently towel dryer my hair. So yes I guess u could say I used it as a deep conditioner. It says on the bottle to rinse out, so I wouldn't advise leaving it it at all!